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Hidden Treasures Recovery

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Date Added: 2014-06-20
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Description: For many last years, National Navy has tried to catch Carabian Pirates and get back antique treasures which they have pillaged. Finally, after the severe investigation done by Intelligence Agency, secret regions of the final priceless treasures have been defined. Now, role-playing the Chief Investigation Officer, players of Hidden Treasures Recovery is required to be responsible for taking all of those items back to the national museum. Get ready to take up this significant mission? Let’s go! As we mention above, there is more than one secret region during the game, and each one is a certain level which asks the players to find all suggested antique items. Take a gaze into the bottom to know what need to be discovered. Remember that each of the levels must be completed under due time. Thus, be swift-handed and sharp-eyed to disclose them within this amount of time. Have fun!